Kazoo Holiday FAQs

November 02, 2021

Kazoo Holiday FAQs

With the holiday season upon is, we thought we'd take a moment to answer some of your frequently asked holiday questions.

Did the New York Times really name Kazoo "one of the best gifts of the year?"
Yes! They called us "a smart, beautiful quarterly." And Wirecutter named Kazoo "one of the 18 best gifts for 9-year-olds." We're the only kids' magazine ever to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence and be named a 3x finalist. We've also won 3 consecutive Parents Choice Gold Awards.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! Our subscription checkout page is designed for US subscriptions. Canadian subscribers, click here. Other international subscribers, click here. And we'll ship any back issue from our shop anywhere in the world. 

If I subscribe now, will Kazoo arrive before Christmas? 
Yes! If you subscribe before December 17th and you live in the United States, you can expect delivery of our winter issue, The Art Issue, before Christmas. We'll send copies out via USPS first-class mail, which takes approximately 5 business days. If you live abroad, we'll try our best to get it to you quickly, but international mail has been a bit slow these days, so we can't make any guarantees. 

What if I don't want it before Christmas?
No problem. Subscribe now, and then pop into your account and click the button to place your subscription on hold. We'll mail the first issue about a week after you remove the hold. Or, if you'd prefer that the first issue arrive to your house, so you can wrap it first, enter you own info as the recipient for now. After you receive the first issue, log into your account to update the address to the child's (or email us, and we'll do it for you), so the next issue will go directly to her. 

Can I get Kazoo in time for Hanukkah? 
Yes! We probably won't have the winter Art Issue in stock in time, but you can pop over to our shop and pick up any of our other 22 available issues. We ship those daily via either USPS first-class mail (5 days) or US media mail (2 to 8 days). 

Are there any discounts?
Yes! If you purchase more than one gift subscription at the same time, you'll save 10% on the second subscription. (It'll show up automatically during checkout.) But otherwise, you can feel confident you're getting the best deal. Our prices are already as low as we can make them.

Any supply-chain issues?
Nope! We're good. We print in Vermont, so we won't run into the same cargo ship-trouble that publishers who print overseas will.  

Will you share my information with marketers?
No, never. 

Who might enjoy Kazoo?
We're designed for girls, 5 to 12, but anyone who loves science, art, comics, games, activities and good fiction will enjoy Kazoo. We're the perfect gift for any kid (or teacher or librarian). 

When you give Kazoo, you're supporting a small indie publisher, who pays our contributors fairly, prints sustainably and supports our community. We are 100% subscriber-funded, and we couldn't do it without you. We're so grateful for your support!