Store Policy

What’s included in a Kazoo magazine subscription?
All one-year subscriptions include 4 issues of Kazoo and two-year subscriptions include 8 issues of Kazoo. You can renew at any time, and we’ll extend your existing subscription, so you won’t receive duplicates.

When will my issues arrive?
We publish one per season (summer, fall, winter, and spring). Exact delivery dates fluctuate based on our printer schedule, paper availability, the speed of postal service, and other kind of boring (but important) factors. But rest assured, we’ll always send your issues—and they’ll always be awesome.

How can I tell if my subscription is active?
Just log into your account here, and you’ll see your order date, issue history and more.

Will my subscription auto-renew?
Regular subscriptions will renew automatically about 60 days or so after we’ve printed your final mailing label, and we’ll send you a reminder a few days beforehand in case you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to continue.

Gift subscriptions do not renew automatically and will expire after we print the mailing label for your final issue.

Can I opt out of autorenewal?
Of course! Just pop into your account here, and turn off the autorenew function yourself. There’s nothing to it! Or, you can email us at with the subject line, “Please turn off my autorenew,” along with your subscriber’s name, and we’ll do it for you.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yup, at any time! We’d be so sad to see you go, but we get it. Kids grow up. Things change. If you’ve not yet been charged for a renewal, just go to your account here and turn off autorenew; your subscription will expire at the end of its term, and you won’t be charged ever again.

If you have issues remaining on your account that you no longer wish to receive, let us know at We’d love to redirect them to a children’s literacy organization, like our friends at The Brooklyn Book Bodega, Reader to Reader, or The Children’s Book Project. (Or, if you’re really not into that idea, we will issue you a refund for unmailed issues.)

Help! I think I entered the wrong address.
Good catch! Just log into your account here, and update it right away. Or, email us at, and we’d be happy to update it for you.

Please note: If you’ve given us an incorrect or invalid address and we’ve already mailed your issue, we cannot send a replacement at our expense. (We wish we could, but our pockets just aren’t that deep.) But we’ll work with you! Email us at, and we’ll send you a link to order a discounted replacement copy.

I’m moving soon. Who do I tell?
Congrats! And thanks for remembering to let us know. Please log into your account here and update your mailing address. Or email us your new address at, and we’ll update it for you.

Please note: We need at least three weeks before our issue ship date to ensure delivery at your new place. Otherwise, your issue will go to your old digs, and unless nice people moved in who’ll forward your mail to you, there’s not much we can do about it, other than offer you an opportunity to order a discounted replacement copy. Just shoot us an email at, and we’ll send you the link to order.

Help! I moved and forgot to update my address, and so I never received the current issue.
We’re so sorry to hear this. Moving is stressful, and we completely understand if your Kazoo subscription wasn’t on the top of your mind. If you’re certain that your mail won’t be forwarded, shoot us an email at, and we’ll send you a link to order a discounted replacement copy. And while you’re at it, please log into your account here and make sure we have the correct address on file going forward, so you don’t miss another issue.

What if my magazine arrives damaged?
Ah, drats. We only wish we could hand-deliver every issue on a velvet pillow ourselves, but alas, we must rely on our friends in the postal service, who are doing their best. In the unlikely event that your magazine has been ripped, chewed by a wild animal, dragged through puddle, run over by a tractor, dropped in a vat of chocolate, or somehow rendered otherwise unreadable, please contact us within 10 days of your damaged issue’s receipt at, and include photos of the damaged issue and its packaging, and first we’ll moan about it with you; then, we’ll do our best to help you. If it was mailed via priority mail or international mail, then please contact USPS here to file a claim, as they’re responsible for fixing any damage they’ve caused.

My tracking number says my package was delivered, but I don’t see it.
Oh, that stinks. If we have official confirmation from USPS that your package was delivered, we cannot send replacements. (Hopefully, you can understand why.) Instead, please contact USPS here to initiate a search. We’ll do whatever we can to help.

Help! My address is correct, but my magazine never arrived.
If your address is correct and your magazine just didn’t make it to you, then ugh! So sorry to hear it! Luckily, that happens only once in a blue moon, but when it does, it is as frustrating for us as it is for you. Please email us at within 8 weeks of the expected delivery date, and we’ll make it right. (If you’re outside of the US, we may ask you to sit tight a while longer. Sometimes international mail can be unexpectedly slow!)

Please note: If more than one issue has disappeared into the ether and you’ve not notified us promptly, we will only replace the most recent missing issue. 

I have other questions.
We’re here to help! Email us at, and we’ll do our best to answer them.